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SORTware: Higher Level Management Tools

  • Map Level Bin Monitor (MLBM)
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Allows process experts to implement process rules
    • Triggers built-in messaging to notify process owner when rule is violated.
    • Reduces test processed-induced yield loss
    • Reduces retest throughput loss due to retest
    • Raises confidence in first pass test results

Functional test

Statistical Bin Monitoring
Refurbished Probers

Test Pass Correlation Analysis

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • Quickly detect and correct problems that impact productivity and profitability with real-time test floor status viewer
    • Semi E10 reports & graphs
    • Records and measure test floor equipment reliability and availability
    • Optimizes processes, throughput and utilization

Probe Pads

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Process Step Verification (PSV)
    • Ensures Wafers / Lots will not be tested or processed until they have completed the previous step in the process
    • Designed to be flexible such that it can be adapted to accommodate virtually
    • Based on the use of maps at each process step
      • Maps are generated at the first test or visual inspection step
      • Subsequent process steps utilize the updated result map to process only good die
      • If a process step is missed the equipment and process owner are notified
      • Subsequent process step will not follow or process a map that does not have the correct information

  • Map Editor
    • Die, map, and lot-level viewing & editing capabilities
    • Easily integrated with other TFMS applications


Map Viewer and Editor

  • EG Desktop
    • Desktop analysis station
    • Complete, robust SPC & graphical reporting engine
    • Scripting language for easy custom report generation

New Probers Parametric Test Probing

Data Analysis Tools