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The Challenge: Managing Test Processes

Managers and engineers are often tied to propriety, localized process analysis systems that make it difficult to access, analyze, and correlate the data from multiple products and process to facilitate informed decision-making.

The Need: Centralized: Assessable Process Monitoring

Facing spiraling equipment costs and technology acceleration, manufactures have a greater need than ever to expand process monitoring capabilities while preserving and improving existing, internally development solutions and intellectual property (IP).

The Electroglas Solution: Easily Integrate and Customizable Automated Analysis and Process Monitoring for Greater Overall Test Effectiveness

SORTmanager is a powerful process management tool that can obtain data from a variety of sources, present those data in a way that facilitates quick decision-making and enable immediate correction action when out-of-control conditions occur. SORTmanager is designed with the flexibility to adapt to virtually any process and to be integrated with equipment and MES systems to ensure the consistency and accuracy of test process data, which is paramount to process integrity. SORTmanager can integrate with your existing processes and extend in-house or commercially developed software, preserving the investment made in existing systems.

Move from managing individual test cells to managing an entire test floor

Electroglas test floor management software (TFMS) provides a web-based framework for centralized process control by pulling together critical process data from a wide array of heterogeneous databases, data file types and equipment into a single application for effective management and decision making.

The TFMS tools were created to address the following data analysis and reporting problems:

  • Reports and analyses often need to access multiple data sources scattered throughout an organization in a variety of formats.
  • Separation of the data source and format from the report and analysis.
  • Automatic generation of targeted dynamic and static web content including drilldown, dashboards, and tips.
  • Support real-time reporting and analysis.
  • Leverage existing customer IP - open and extensible.

Seamlessly integrating into the existing test infrastructure, TFMS allows you to preserve and improve your existing test floor solutions. With TFMS you have the essential tools to improve your overall test effectiveness.

TFMS Provides:

  • High-performance automated map repository for managing, verifying, analyzing, and converting maps
  • Web-based "Best-in-Class" SPC graphical reporting engine to visualize, analyze, control and share your test operations locally and globally
  • Flexibility to integrate with and enhance your existing test processes and commercial software applications
  • Quickly detect and correct problems that impact productivity and profitability with real-time test floor status viewer