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Electroglas offers many exciting upgrades to extend the performance and usability of your existing 200 mm wafer probers.

"Plus" Upgrade = "4090u+" capabilities for 4080, 4090, and 4090u probers.

  • Enhanced X, Y, Z accuracy
  • MicroTouch™ soft contact technology
  • Thermal Agility—automatically adjusts alignment after thermal transitions
  • Faster / improved automatic probe to pad alignment (APTPA)
  • Includes everything in the AVS upgrade below

View the "Plus-Upgrade" brochure

AVS (Advanced Vision System) Upgrade = improved vision system

  • Faster/better wafer alignment
  • Advanced automation features
  • New cleaning features

Additional upgrades available:

  • EG hot chuck 150C support (from 130C)
  • Vortex chuck for testing down to 20C and fast cooling
  • Blow/cool kit for faster chuck cooling
  • Probe tip cleaning brush
  • Easy Planar Scrub blocks
  • Thin wafer handling