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Fusion of advanced automation and prober technology

Volume 300mm production demands probing that packages reliability, accuracy, automation and throughput. Electroglas' flagship prober, the EG6000, responds to this challenge by providing the world's fastest, most accurate and most reliable 300mm production probing solution.

EG6000 Key Benefits:

  • Precision direct-drive technology to attain the industry's highest
    300mm probing accuracy.
  • The elimination of negative effects on test from external vibrations
    encountered in the production environment.
  • The fastest lot-start to lot-end throughput.
  • Low maintenance and high mean time between failures or adjustment.
  • Simplified set-up and operation through "one-button" probing and
    robust critical functions.
  • The ability to easily move the machine and resume testing operations
    without re-calibration.
  • Safe and accurate testing of sensitive Cu and low K dielectric devices