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Modern semiconductor production demands consistent, accurate and reliable probing for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing. Chipmakers need production-ready wafer probers that get the job done, enabling productivity and yield in any test environment.

Electroglas was the first company to produce a production worthy automatic wafer prober. Electroglas' range of 200mm and 300mm probers were the first to offer customers such breakthroughs as frictionless motion, non-contact edge sensing, and fiducial alignment to optimize manufacturing processes and achieve higher throughput.

Electroglas Wafer Probers Key Benefits:

  • Faster answers to optimize your manufacturing efficiency and make adjustments to your process as needed.
  • Reliability, accuracy and throughput performance to help you achieve your manufacturing goals.
  • Production-proven product backed by more than 30 years of experience with more than 15,000 systems shipped.

300mm solutions

  • EG6000 — World's fastest, most accurate, most reliable 300 mm production prober
  • EG6000e — High throughput for parametric probing applications

200mm solutions

  • 4090µ+ — High-productivity probing for manufacturing
  • 4090µ Fast Probe — Fast stepping for high throughput of small die